199.The height of contour line is measured in ________________________________

200.When contour lines are closely to each other they represent ___________________

201.The vertical difference between two successive contour is known as _______________

202.___________________ is a large area of flat top high land

203.Steep slope is also known as ___________________________________

204._______________ is an area of low land between two lines of hills or mountain

205.An area of a land surrounded by sea or ocean in all parts is called ______________

206.The biggest national park in Tanzania is __________________

207.What is the nature of mountains that have conical shape and have crater at the top___

208.Tropical zones begin at what latitude? __________________________

209.How is an escapement represented by contour in a contour map? _________________

210.Which river separates Tanzania and mozambique _______________

211.The does the sun overhead in each December _____________

212.What are the major negative effects of industry to our environment ______________

213.How can we control flood? _______________________________

214.the United national organization which is responsible for crop quality assurance is known as ____________________

215.Areas where traditional animal husbandry is highly practices in Tanzania are _________

216.Which is the largest country in Africa? ___________________

217.Soft rocks found along the coast of East Africa are known as ____________________

218.Where does semi-desert and dry tropical climate are found in East Africa? __________

219.Which regions does banana grows in Tanzania? ___________________________

220.The rainfall average of 500mm per year, high temperature range 280 - 390 during the day and very high cold during the night are the characteristics features of _______________

221.The major economic activities conducted in savannah ecosystem is ________________

222.Name two types of crops ___________________________________

223.Ranch is an area reserved for __________________________

224.In Africa sheep rearing is mostly done in ______________________________

225.Name any 4 unsustainable ways of fishing __________________________________

226.What does cross-section shows_________________________________

227.Which vegetation is found in equatorial regions _____________________

228.In which climate does a photo that shows palm tree taken ______________________

229.Where does uranium is mined in large quantity in Africa ________________________

230.Which country is famous for beef farming in the world ___________________

231.From which desert does harmattan wind blows __________________

232.Which country is famous for irrigation? _________________

233.In which river does kainji dam is _______________________

234.Name any 5 major HEP in Africa ____________________________________

235.__________________ is shown by U-shaped contour lines pointing downhill

236.Which settlement pattern occurs along the road? ________________________

237.Name the three pars of photograph? _________________________________

238.Chief producer of fruits in Tanzania is ______________________________

239.Which is the main economic activity f Scandinavian countries ___________________

240.At what interval does census is conducted _____________________

241.Campbell recorder used to record ________________________________