157.Which African country leads to the production of rice ____________________

158.Which are Brazilian main cash crops ___________,____________and ___________

159.America Is famous for the agricultural production of _____________________

160.The islands in japan are famous for production of _______________________

161.Which county is a chief dairy farming _______________________

162.Mediteranean countries are famous for ______________________________

163.The famous mineral mined at uvinza is _______________________________

164.In which river is Aswan dam is located _______________________________

165.Which star is closest to the sun? ____________________________________

166.The country which is famous for the production of cocoa _________________

167.Which causes low and high tide?_____________________________________

168.Usually wind blows from area with _______________ to _________________

169.Mt. Living stone, Aberdare, Pare, Usambara and ruwenzori are examples of which type of mountains? ___________________________

170.Name any three examples of volcanic mountains _______________________________

171.Which cash crops are exported in large quantity from Tanzania ____________________

172.A crop used as a raw material for manufacturing of cigarate is called _______________

173.If letter Z is located at grid reference 435235, the measurement of vertical lines are _______________________-

174.Name any appropriate method of moisture preservation in the field _____________

175.Which energy source that has No negative effects to the environment _____________

176.Name 4 important factors to be conducted when establishing transportation ________

177.What makes difference between internal trade and external trade? _______________

178.A grou of stars forming a difinite pattern is called _____________________

179.Why many rivers in Africa are not used for transportation?______________________

180.On which day does the sun over head at tropical of cancer?_______________________

181.The ;latitude marked 23.5 north of equator is called _________________________

182.Earth takes ______________ days to complete a single revolution

183.Which country is land locked country in West Africa

184.What are the importances of map scale ___________________________________

185.The largest area of cotton production under irrigation is found ins ______________

186.Which instrument used to measure environmental pressure? _________________

187.Simanjiro is famous for mining of ________________________

188.Which mineral is extracted from liganga in iringa _____________________

189.In which country does Kalahari desert is found _____________________

190.Which ocean current cool the cape fria? __________________________-

191.Name two famous regions in Tanzania where diamond is mined ___________________

192.Mwanza, mbeya, mara and ruvuma are famous for mining of ____________________

193.The economy of East African countries depend on ______________________

194._____________ is a mixture of gasses surrounding

195.Which crop is a main raw material for making textile __________________________

196.Which type of vegetation most of national parks and game reserves are found _____________________________________

197.Which region of Tanzania most of ranches are found _____________________

198.The means of passing information through different ways is called _________________