242.What is different between magma and lava _________________

243.The chief producer of cotton in Africa is _____________________

244.The mineral that are found in all three types of rocks is ___________________

245.The instrument use to measure moisture is called _________________________

246.Poisonous flower used to make insecticides is known as _____________________

247.Which dams in Tanzania are famous for fishing activities ______________________

248.What is the height of Mt.kilimanjaro ________________________________

249.Which national park in Tanzania does animal and people lives together without harming each other? _________________________________

250.Name 4 block mountains _____________________________________________

251.A chain of mountains separated by valleys is called ________________________

252.Name any 5 volcanic mountains _________________________________________

253.Arabica and robusta are types of _________________________________________

254.Name two categories of savannah vegetation __________________________________

255.What type of scale can be used to draw a map of large area like the map of the world ________________________

256.How can be get population of an area _________________________________

257.A part of a map that defines symbols used on a map is called ___________________

258.Sea breeze blows from _____________________ to ________________________

259.Which country is famous for ship manufacturing ______________________

260.The direction of a place on map is determined by _________________

261.the relationship between map distance and ground distance is called ______________

262.In which regions in Tanzania do have the largest tea farms ______________________

263.Verbal communication is done through _______________________________________

264.Countries that use stored rain water for draining the land are __________ and _______