116.Tanzania Economy depends on __________________

117.The owen fall is found at river ___________________

118.Name three types of map measurements _______,__________and ___________

119.Which cause destruction of ozone layer?___________________________________

120.If dar es salaam city which is at 15oE is 9:00 am. What is the time in cameroon located at 45oW

121.In which areas is natural gas is found in Tanzania ___________________

122.Small scale used to make a map showing which size of land? _________

123.Tanzania and Mozambique are separated by _______________________

124.The most accurate grid reference is given in _______-- digits

125.If the distance of 25 km on land is represented by length of 5 cm on map, the scale of the map will be ________________-

126.A photograph taken from savannah ecosystem will show ____________________-

127.An area in the desert where water can be found is called __________________

128.An area of a sea surrounded by land in three sides is called __________________

129.An area of land surrounded by sea in all three parts is called _________________

130.The biggest lake in Kenya apart from lake Victoria is ____________________

131.The irrigation Sudan deals with __________________

132.Which cash crops grown in Malawi mountains _______________________

133.Where is a pass situated in contour map? ____________________________

134.Which country is famous for the production of paper in the world ______________

135.Jamaica is famous for the agricultural production of ______________________---

136.In Tanzania tobacco is grown in which regions ________,______ and _____________

137.Niger is famous for the mining of ________________________________

138.Which country is famous for the mining of aluminium ___________________

139.South Africa is famous for wool production in Africa. Other countries are New Zealand and Australia

140.The leading countries for the production of grape _______________________

141.African countries leading to the production of rubber are ______,______________

142.The economic of Kuwait depends on ______________________

143.Which country of east Africa lead to the production of pyrethrum ________________

144.In which side of equator is Tanzania found ___________________________

145.If it is 10 am at longitude 0o what will be the time in East Africa at 45oE _____________

146.The slope of Mount Mulanje in Malawi are well known for growing of ______________

147.What makes difference between retail trade and whole sell trade _________________

148.How does export trade differ from entreport trade _____________________________

149.The red sea and mediteranean sea are joined by ___________________________

150.The tropical zones are found between ______________________

151.On contour cliff indicated by _____________________________________

152.The main cash crop grown in Mbinga district in Ruvuma region is _________________

153.Forests, mineral and ocean are collectively known as ______________

154.Why it is preferred to use water transport than other when transporting raw materials and industrial products ______________________

155.Name the biggest game reserve in Africa ________________________

156.Name the gems mined in Mereran in Tanzania ________________________________