listen and write the words/simple sentences read by the invigilator in the spaces provided.

  1. _______________________
  2. _______________________
  3. _______________________
  4. ________________________
  5. _________________________



Choose the most correct answer and write its letter in the space provided.

  1. How many months in a year?
  2. Twelve b . four Seven days d. thirty months. 
  3. Who arrests people who steal and do bad things?
  4. A soldier b. A policeman c. A teacher d. A tailor
  5. Ameat of sheep is called
  6. Beef l b. mutton chicken d. pork 
  7. Where does a nurse work?
  8. At the court b. At school c. At the hospital d. In a farm
  9. What do you call your mother’s father?. My father b. My brother c. My grandfather My uncle




Use the correct tense of the word in the brackets and fill in the blank spaces.

  1. We ________ listening to music now
  2. Was arec. am  d. is
  3. My brother will ________ a new car next week.
  4. buy buyingc. bought  d. buys
  5. I __________ five books in my bag.
  6. has havec. is  d. are
  7. The pupilswere ______
  8. play playedc. playing  d. plays.
  9. They __________ ugali everyday.
  10. eatsb. atec. eating  d. eat.



Choose correct word from the box below and answer question 16 - 20.





Read the following passage and then answer questions 21- 25.

A bird was sitting on a tree with a piece of meat in her mouth. She was not singing, then the dog said to her “You can sing a nice song, please sing me the song". A bird was happy to hear that and opened her mouth to sing. The meat fell from her mouth. The dog took the meat and ran away.



  1. Who wanted to hear a song? __ a dog  b. a bird  c. hen  d. A duck
  2. After taking the meat the dog _______ a. work   ran away  c. eat the meat  d. bark
  3. The meat fell from the bird’s mouth because ____  a. It opened the mouth It ran away  c. It cried  d. it was happy.
  4. Who was happy before? __a. the bird b. the dog c. dog and bird  tree.
  5. Who was sitting on a tree?  a. dog   b. black ant   c. bird   d. dog