Diabetes is a disease that occurs when the body fails to produce a hormone of insulin or failure to produce this hormone at the sufficient level.



Diabetes is a disease that occurs when the body fails to produce a hormone of insulin or failure to produce this hormone at the sufficient level. Sometimes diabetes occurs when the body fails to use the insulin produced in the body this is called insulin resistance.

This is a hormone (insulin) control level of sugar in the body not to be high or low. This hormone is produced by the pancreas (pancreas).when insulin hormone is produced in insufficient level it may be difficult to control the amount of sugar in the blood. This lead to the serious problem to the health of a person.

There are two main types of diabetes that are TYPE 1 DIABETES and TYPE 2 DIABETES. Type 1 diabetes that occurs when the body triggers the production of insulin hormone. This happens when the health system(immune system) attacks and destroy the production of insulin hormones. This type of diabetes is usually diagnosed in children aged 10-20 years. Adults may have this type of diabetes in rare case.. This type of diabetes is caused by a gene (genetic mutation), or in an environment like due to viruses' attack.

The second type of diabetes is type 2 diabetes occurs where the body produces insulin that is not satisfactory. Or occurs when the body cells stop using the insulin (insulin resistance) hormone. This type of diabetes affects older people, but less likely to infect children. This type of diabetes can be caused by over-weighting, age (from 45 years), inheriting from family, race / ethnic backgrounds, not practising exercises, foods, etc.

Diabetes symptoms vary, although health experts say these things; - extreme hunger, high levels of thirst, skin disorders(drying of skin), weight loss, obesity, poor vision, delayed recovery of injuries, feeling unusual fatigue. and frequent urination and numbness of feet and d hands.

Although diabetes is very dangerous to your health but. One can live well if he or she will follow the procedure and good principles of living with this disease. For example, over 23 million Americans suffer from diabetes but live a good life. So if a patient does apply the terms and conditions as well as changing the lifestyle,' he or she can reduce the impact of this disease. Below you will see advice about how to live with diabetes;- .

1. Food;
'A person with diabetes should eat foods with a low amount of oil, salt and sugar. It is recommended to eat various types of fruit and vegetables but not fruit's juice. Make sure you eat at the same time every day and make sure to eat at least three times a day. Also, make sure you drink enough amount' of water

Make sure you practice exercise less than three times a week. This may help reduce the weight and control the amount of sugar in your body. Also exercising is essential to your overall health. Exercise can reduce the deposition of oil on the skin and the blood vessels. This will help you reduce the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

Manage your weight;
Make sure you have no unusual weight. That is to make sure you reduce weight as your weight is going up. Get medical advice about your weight if it satisfactory to your health or exceed your health. There are many ways to reduce weight through foods, exercises, and other. Consult a doctor or get advice or from those who have knowledge of a safe weight reduction method.

Use medicines;
If diabetes has failed to be controlled by those mentioned ways above, start using medication. There is a special drug for diabetes. It is also advisable for someone to start taking oral medication before the injections.go to see a doctor and will give you the medicine according to your health. Most people become lazy for taking medication but for illnesses, this is the most dangerous for their health.

If you do not get treatment early or you do not get advice about living with this disease many problems may occur, including heart attacks, strokes, eye problems and blindness as well as dental disorder and others. The overall health of a person may be in extreme conditions and may also cause of death.

Occasionally when a person with diabetes suffers from low levels of sugar in blood, the patient may be able to show different symptoms including: - sweating, frequent yawning, failure to talk and unable to think clearly, lack of consciousness, weakness, fatigue etc.. If so, there is a first aid that should be treated as given half a cup of fruit.three (3) teaspoons of glucose, and' milk one cup,

Many pieces of research done to make sure that the complete cure for diabetes is found, unfortunately, scientists still are working hard to do so. It is good advice to make sure that people are aware of the method and ways where a person can be at risk of getting diabetes. Also, people living with diabetes must follow principles and conditions needed for them to live happily with this serious problem.


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