1. ______________________
  2. ______________________
  3. _____________________
  4. _______________________
  5. _______________________



Choose the correct answer and write in the space provided

  1. Everyday we ______ our hands before meals.
  2. wash  b. washes  c. washing  d. washed
  3. We __________ start this work tomorrow.

Shall  b. will  c. is  d. was

  1. Asha and Halima _______ writing  their homework now.
  2. are  b. is  c. was  d. were
  3. How ________ milk do you need for breakfast?
  4. Many  b. much  c. some  d. few.
  5. They say I am ________ than Said
  6. Tall  b. taller  c. tallest  d. long
  7. Yesterday, she was ________ cooking alone.
  8. Cook  b. cooking  c. cooked  d. cooks



Choose the correct answer from the following questions.

  1. A group of fish is called __________
  2. Shoal  b. fleet  c. flock  d. swam
  3. A person who flies aeroplane is called ________
  4. Pilot  b. driver  c. cook  d. carpenter
  5. A place where we buy milk is called ____________
  6. Milk  b. diary  c. garage  d. shop
  7. Mango, apple, banana, and oranges are _____
  8. Vegetable  b. fruits  c. furniture  d.  drinks
  9. A plural of baby is ________
  10. Babies  b. babys  c. babyes  d. babie



Choose the correct word from the box below and answer question 17-20


  1. Look at that box you will see _________ orange
  2. A baby of chicken is called ___________
  3. Those you see are ________ students from my class.
  4. This is _________ book.




Carefully read the following passage and answer question 21-25.

Mr Makuka is a teacher. He lives at Mwanga together with his family. His wife is called Neema and gave birth to three children. The youngest one is called Asha and she is 5 years old. She started Kindergarten school at Mwanga.  The remains two children of Mr Makuka are boys and are twins. They both study at Maliakutwa Primary school, in standard iv. Both are clever and very handsome.


Mr Makuka’s wife is called Halima, and she is a teacher. She is teaching at Maliakutwa primary school. She is tall and very beautiful. Mr Makuka loves his family more than anything else. He always makes sure that his family is in happy and great peace. He is a good father.


  1. Mr Makuka is a farmer, while his wife is a ___________  a. Farmer  b. teacher  c. kindergarten  d. Makuka
  2. How many children does Mr Makuka has? _______  a. Three  b. four  c. twins  d. only two
  3. Mr Makuka’s wife is a ___________ woman  a. Short  b. tall  c. clever  d. handsome
  4. Who studies at Kindergarten school? _____  a. Asha  b. twins  c. Neema  d. wife
  5. Mr Makuka always makes sure that his family is __________  a. Happy  b. love  c. health  d. cray