news: Jiunge Maktaba

We are Tanzanian and we perform our activities directly in Tanzania. Our first target audience is Tanzanian where we were providing our service before creation of this Website. Our activities including
1. To give education to the society concerning different problems
2. To give news to the society
3. We have psychologists who are giving advice, counseling to the people and community at large.
4. Currently we have started to translate work written in English to Swahili language

This blog created to give education to the community concerning different issues that attack attention of our community. In short we are here to discuss in give solution to our community concerning different problems.

Our works are published in this blog also you can get our works through facebook page. We are producing hard copy for free to the people around us so as to give them free education. The creation of this blog is not the beginning of our services; in fact we were providing our services to the community before the creating of blog.

In our team we have teachers by profession, psychologist, public motivator, typists and skilled people in technological issues include basic computer skills. We are organizing our team through online and offline, since our works needs us to perform different activities.

Now we have increased our border of working, were translating different materials including books from English to Swahili. Also we are teaching Swahili language for foreigners. In our team also we have interpreters who interpret English to Swahili.

We are not interested in political issues, because political issues sometimes confuse our community and even can lead community to the tricks of politicians.The political issues have not part in our services at all as our agreement of us.

contact us any time.