1.A person whose job is to cook food is a_____ a. cooker b. crocery c. cook d. maid.
2.A place where we go to pray is called ____ a. mosque b. bar c. house d. hospital.
3.A person who sells in a shop is a _____ a. shop b. grocer c. shopkeeper d. shoper
4.A place where we go to buy and sell is called ___ a. hotel b. shop c. market d. cafe
5.My sister receives guests in a hotel, so she is_____ a. typist b. doby c. receptionist d. nurse.
6.A meat of hen is called ________ a. mutton b. chicken c . beef d. pork
7.A young cat is called __________ a. piglet b. duckling c. kitten d. hatchling
8.A person who cuts hair is called_______a. hair cutter b. barber c. baba d. cook
9.Give me a bar of ___________ a. keys b. soap c. grapes d. bottle
10.A daughter of your sister is your_ a. nephew b. niece c. cousin d. sister.

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