Choose the most correct answer and write its letter in the space provided.
1.How many days are in the week? a. Thirty days b . Twelve days c. Seven days d. Six days
2.Who arrests people who steal and do bad things? a. A soldier b. A policeman c. A teacher d. A tailor
3.Where are vegetables grown? a. In school b. In a shop c. At the market d. In a garden
4.Where does a doctor work? a. At the court b. At school c. At the hospital d. In a farm
5.What do you call your mother’s brother? a. My father b. My brother c. My aunt d. My uncle
6.If a watch reads 2:00, therefore it is: a. Two o'clock b. Eight o'clock c. Half past two d. Half past eight
7.I want to buy a pair of shoes, but I don’t know its: a. Sell b. Money c. Price d. Shillings
8.Musa repairs and makes cars, so he is: a. Manager b. A mechanic c. A technician d. Engineer
9.She grows maize, beans, cassava and coconut in her farm. She is a: a. Potter b. Worker c. Gardener d. Farmer
10. A list of food in a hotel is called: a. Diary b. Menu c. Timetable d. Register 

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