1.Mr. Rajii sells beef so he is a ___ a. cook b. butcher c. shoper d. seller
2.My aunt gave birth to my _______ a. niece b. cousin c. uncle d. brother
3.An opposite of a word child is _____ a. elder b. older c. adult d. young
4.The plural form of a word foot is ____ a. foots b. footes c. feet d. footies
5.Pen, pencils and books are callled ____ a. tools b. stationary c. sets d bunch
6.A group of ship is called ________ a. Shoal b. fleet c. flock d. swam
7.A person who controls a ship is a ____ a. Pilot b. driver c. captain d. nurse
8.A place where we buy meat is called ____ a. Milk b. diary c. butchery d. shop
9.Hen, duck and goose are ___a. poultry b. fruits c. meat d. animal
10.A plural of knife is _______ a. knives b. knifes c. knifs d. knifies

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