Diabetes is a disease that occurs when the body fails to produce insulin or body fail to produce sufficient insulin hormone or body failure to use insulin hormone. Sometimes it occurs when the immune system affects the  production of insulin in the body and cause diabetes

Diabetes is caused by many factors including inherited from family, environment and poor lifestyle. Whether diabetes can inherit from parents or family but poor living system contributes significantly to the causes of diabetes. In this post, I will discuss how the bad system of life affects diabetes.

1. Excess weight or overweight (body weight or obesity);
Naturally, the body needs special weight according to health principles. Any abnormality in weight is a problem and may lead to serious problems to the health including diabetes. Overweight lead to the failure of the body to use of insulin hormone There are many ways to reduce weight by eating, exercising or changing the lifestyle. Make sure your weight is in normal level. Have a doctor give you advice about your weight.

2. Not to practice exercise (ignoring exercise); doing exercise is usually very beneficial in the body, including the body's stability. Exercise can help various body systems to function properly such as digestion system, blood system, and immune system. Exercise can prevent a person from various illnesses, such as flu, blood pressure, heart attack and diabetes. Exercise reduces the excess oil in the body and helps to get rid of the dirt and toxins through the sweat. It is advised for a person to do a weekly exercise without missing at least three times.

3. Diet,
Food is essential to the life of any creature, but bad intake is also a problem for the health of the creature as well. One should eat food in a way that will not bring harm to his health. Someone should eat foods that will not bring him overweight or obesity. These may have a negative impact on one's health and eventually get diabetes.  Eating a lot of fatty foods, foods contain a lot of sugars, and salts are not good for the health and may lead to diabetes.

4. Environment;
Sometimes it occurs in environments things that lead to diabetes such as a virus attack. There are types of viruses that attack the body and make the body unable to produce sufficient hormones for controlling the level of sugar in the blood.

5. Family;
You can get diabetes through inheritance from parents or family background. As with other inherited diseases or inherited skin color or dwarfism from parents, diabetes can also be inherited. It does not matter between a mother and father who has diabetes but you may get it by inheritance.

Although diabetes is very dangerous if a person is subject to conditions he can live a good life as other people. The main thing here is to follow the terms and continue to use diabetes medicine. Practice exercise and change the dietary system.