The flue is a disease caused by the flu virus and it is also believed that there are about 200 types of flu virus such as rhinoviruses, parainfluenza viruses, viruses, viruses, and many others. This virus is found to meet these viruses, especially through the air, while you are using a virus that combines these viruses.

Influenza symptoms vary in different ways and may be similar to that of malaria. Among those symptoms include lack of eating appetite, feeling tired, dehydration, vomiting throat, headaches and sneaking out often. Although the symptoms of flu vary to individuals and individuals according to their immune system's ability to fight illnesses, although these symptoms are common to most people.  

The patient may be so tired to the extent that he/she sleeps in bed with a severe fever. Infections affect more children and adults as their bodies do not have enough immune to fight disease. For those who have HIV+, they also have the same experience and maybe more serious of severe fever and tiredness.

A person can protect himself from flu by washing hands before and after eating, covering his or her mouth when he/she sneezes. Eating foods containing vitamin A and C in general, drinking plenty of water and reducing stress, this means being happy. The more important thing here is to have a regular exercise

Among the foods he needs to eat from flu is like green vegetables, such as spinach. They also eat vitamin C containing fruits such as papaya and orange. These foods help in giving the body a great deal of ability to fight disease and other attacks. A sufficient amount of water helps the body to easily fighting the infection. Exercise can also help the body to function properly.

There are some alternative medical practitioners discussing the use of garlic to treat flu. They use a garlic odour to treat flu. The patient will take the onion and remove the upper leaves,  will then smell the odour/smell. He will do it several times especially when he goes to bed.