Cancer fihting foods
Cancer is in the world's most common serious illnesses. Cancer can be caused by various substances including smoking, 31%, foods for 37%, alcohol for 3% and many other. For these reasons, foods are a major source of cancer.

In 2015 90.5 million people were infected with cancer. It is estimated that every year around 14.1 million people get cancer every year. 15.7 million people died of cancer with 15.7% of all deaths in the year.

  As described as poor eating habits and smoking contribute significantly to cancer, today we will bring you some foods that fight against cancer. These foods can prevent cancer cells from being formed into the body and help to combat it. There are so many foods but we  bring you these today; 

These contain a lot of sulphur compounds that help strengthen the immune system. Scientists also know that GARLIC  helps to reduce the risk of stomach cancer.

2. Fish
Scientific studies conducted in Australia have been found that 4 or more fish intake IN A WEEK prevents ( blood cancers leukaemia, myeloma, and on- Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The most well-known fish are the fatty ones like salmon.

3. Apple 
These fruits are well-known for their great ability to kill cancer cells. Scientific studies conducted in Germany confirm the presence of procyanidins that are known to control cancer cells in the body.

4. avocado
These fruits also contribute significantly to the fight against cancer cells. The fat (oil) contained in these fruits can help to significantly fight cancer.

5. Cabbage
Cabbage is known for having the chemical known as bioflavonoids that deal with cancer cells. Cabbage helps fight cancer of breast cancer and other types of cancer.

6. Carrots
Carrots have alpha-carotene and bioflavonoids that help in combating cancer cells. Carrots can fight especially with liver cancer. Scientists also caution the use of carrots significantly for a smoker.

7. Date.
The tent is known to have polyphenols that help to fight cancer on a large scale. Vitamin B12 and fibre in the date help with the ability to fight various types of cancer.

8. Eggs contain vitamin D in large quantity. These vitamins are also known for their ability to fight cancer cells.
9. Ginger
10. Peas

We would like to give advice to those sisters and brothers who smoke and drink alcohol that all these have chemicals that are known for having the potential to cause cancer. So they should take some preparation before the situation becomes worse in their health.