"Smoking is dangerous to your health”
Several studies on smoking indicate that people have begun to smoke more than 2000 years ago. History shows that commercial and non-commercial caravans have promoted spreading cigarettes worldwide. The famous man in history known as Called Christopher Columbus 1492 years ago found people in the America were smoking. From here cigarettes spread throughout Europe through these caravans.

At first, it was believed that cigarettes cure some of the illnesses. This concept flourished in the 1600's where many people were involved in smoking. In the 1800's, tobacco industries were introduced while cigarettes had a high price.

In the 1940's various scientific studies starting to examine smoking. And this happened when doctors began to feel the risk of smoking in health. Here they began to relate to smoking and l lungs. Until 1964, scientific reports in pharmaceutical fields were presented in the United States as indicating the risk of smoking for people's health.

Starting here various warnings made to warn about health problems of smoking. Also, there was the official ban on cigarette smoke in public gatherings, hospitals and other areas of the office. Other warnings were placed on a cigarette pack.

a cigarette is made of tobacco, this is a plant that is available around the world. Scientific studies indicate that tobacco contains more than 400 chemicals, where nicotine is the most popular. Generally, these chemicals are harmful to one's health  In these nicotine chemicals is more poisonous.

The use of nicotine may stimulate the nervous system, causing the heart rate to go faster. Nicotine has a tendency to be addictive. That is why it is difficult to quit smoking.
Among the dangers that smoking brings to the smoker is lung cancer. Studies suggest that smoking may be the main cause of lung cancer than other sources. Smokers are at risk of getting lung cancer for 20 times more than non-smokers. Also, smoking is the source of other types of cancer.