75.Which ocean current warm the coast of East Africa __________________

76.Namibu desert is a result of ____________ ocean current

77.Famous cape found in somalia is called ____________________________

78.Canal that helps to creoss African continent to Europe is called __________________

79.Name the famous port in Egypt ____________________________________

80.A perion when the sun is very far away from the earth is called ___________________

81.Which weather recorder used to measure atmospheric pressure ___________________

82.On which date does tropical of cancer and capricon experience over head sun ________

83.If the time in london is 8:20 am, what will be the time in tanga? ____________________

84.If the distance of 10 km on the ground is to be represented with 50 cm on the map. What will be the scale? ______________________________________

85.The areas near the equator experience low pressure. This is because ________________

86.In which mountain ranges is the everest mountain found ________________________

87.Mention any three good agriculture practices ________________________________

88.Which country rank the first producer of carbondioxide?_________________________

89.Which regions in Tanzania lead to the production of cotton ____________, __________ and ____________________

90.Why most of Tanzanian resources are not full utilized? ___________________________

91.Which region in Tanzania lead to copper mining _______________________

92.Which type of mountain is kilimanjaro ___________________________

93.Nyumba ya Mungu dam is located in which region in Tanzania? _____________________

94.Name the major sources of water ________,_______and _____________

95.Name the main causes of environment degradation____,_______,_____ and _________

96.The largest country in Africa is ____________________

97.TPC osh, Kagera, Mtibwa and Kilombero are industries that are producing ____________

98.The small scale is used when drawing a map covering ______________________

99.The international date line is not straight in order to _______________________

100.The soft rocks which are found along the coast of East Africa are called _____________

101.The southern African countries are __________________________________________

102.The Tanzanian regions that show the threat to the increasing of desert are __________

103.The fifth planet from our solar system is ___________________________

104.Zambia is famous for mining of ____________________________________________

105.Global warming, drought, flood and typhons are result of ______________________

106.Which lakes are found on the Eastern branch of rift valley _____________________

107.In locating a position on a map by using grid reference, which numbers are read first _______________________

108.V or u shaped contour lines represent _________________________--

109.Which river is used for irrigation in cotton farming in Sudan _____________________

110.How many countries in East africa ________________

111.Hygrometer is used to measure _______________

112.River mara drains its water from __________________

113.When the earth rotate on its own axis we get _________________________________

114.Which is the most useful way of communication ______________________________

115.At what interval does census is conducted in Tanzania _________________________