40.Lake victoria is faced by invasion of wild weed called ______________________

41.The most industrialised region in Tanzania is ______________________________

42.What type of industry provide service to the general population and business sector ________________________________

43.In which region of Tanzania is Mgololo paper industries found ____________________

44.Mention any 4 factors affecting climate of East Africa _______,______,_______and ____

45.Euphobia, cactus, Acacia, thorn tree with long roots and baobab are the vegetation found in which type of climate _________________________

46.Which island is called paradise of Africa ____________________

47.Which colour represent high land in topographical maps ____________________

48.The lines drawn on a map to show the same amount of humidit are called ____________

49.Which type of photograph shows horizon _______________________

50.Letter J is at grid reference 534621, the vertical leading will be _________________

51.The simple drawing which represent land form in a topographical map is called _______

52.Mention at least 3 fold mountains _____,_________ and ________________

53.Name rivers that pour water in Antlantic ocean _______________________

54.The downward looking contour with v-shape stand for land form called ______________

55.Tropical of cancer is at which side of equator ___________________

56.The type of rainfall which occur to large water bodies and big forest during afternoon is called ________________________

57.Which weather instrument measure both speed and direction of wind _______________

58.The temperature of dar es salaam is 300C at the sea level. What will be the temperature of iringa town located at 2000 m above the sea level _________________

59.The time in Dakar is 2:00 pm at 15 w what will be the time in Tanzania 45oE _________

60.Calculate the actual area of mji Mwema school if the scale is 1:500000 ______________

61.Identifying of the number of peope and their properties can be presented by which type of map ______________

62.Majani mapana primary school is located at grid reference 294 northing at 311 Easting its grid reference will be __________________

63.On photograph where where by the features found are roads and crops, from your knowledge of photographic interpretation, which economic activities might be carried on ______________________

64.The kind of rainfall formed when moist air is being forced to rise over cold air is called _________________

65.Which disaster are caused by both natural force and human being __________________

66.During the night the sea temperature became higher than the land temperature this is because ___________________________

67.Name famous towns found in Indian ocean coast _________________________

68.If the time at Grinwinch is 10:30 am what will be the time in Brazilia city at 105oW _____

69.If the scale is 2cm represent 5km. How this scale will be written in ratio ______________

70.A latitude which obtain overhead sun two times has ______ degree

71.In Tanzania tin mineral is found at ________________________

72.Name two regions in Tanzania where coal is found _______________

73.the lines used to join places with the same wind speed are called __________________

74.Isohum is a line used to join areas with the same ________________