1.The smallest planet is ____________________

2.The biggest planet is _______________________________

3.All planet have moons except ____________________________

4.The farthest planet is _____________________________________

5.All the planets revolve around the sun in anti-clockwise direction from ________ to _____

6.Moon takes 29.5 days to complete one revolution around the earth __________________

7.The earth has two motions (movements) such as rotation and revolution ______________

8.There are two eclipses such as __________________ and __________________________

9.The planets revolve around the sun in their paths called ___________________________

10.If the time of town A is 12:05 pm along 45oE. What will be the time of town B at 75oE?__

11.Calculate the temperature of mwanza at 512 m when the temperature of Tanga 112 m is 37oC ____________

12.Kasese pipe line in Uganda was build to transport __________________

13.Pipeline runs from Lindi to Dar es Salaam was built to transport ____________________

14.Pipeline runs from Dar es salaam to Ndola in Zambia (TAZAMA) was built to transport ________

15.The hottest planet in our solar system is ___________________________________

16.Why temperature around sea level is higher than around mountain areas ____________

17.Latitude are imaginary lines runs from __________________ to __________________

18.Latitude are dividing the earth into two equal spheres such as _________ and ________

19.The highest latitude is _______________ and it has ________________ degree

20.The longitude 0o is called _____________________

21.While degrees of latitude increases as yo go away fro equator, longitude lines _______________ as you go away from the prime meridian

22.Where does prime meridian passes ___________________

23.If the east of the IDL is Thursday, which day will be at the east of IDL? _______________

24.Seasons of the years are the results of the earth’s __________________________

25.On what date does equator experiences equinox ______________________

26.The international date line has _________________ degree

27.Lake victoria is a source of river __________, _______________ and ______________

28.Songwe in tanzania, Mt. Apalachia in America and Ruhr river in German are importants areas where _______________ is mined

29.For how long does the earth takes to move for every 180 of longitude__________________

30.The upward bend of contour lines on the contour map represent _______________

31.Victoria fall found in river __________________

32.Crop flower which used to make medicine is called _____________________

33.A narrow strip of the sea that separate continent and continent or sea and sea is called _______________________

34.Name three crops found in desert climate __________________

35.Plants with long roots and thorn are found in ______________ climate

36.Antlantic ocean and mediteranean sea are separated by _________________

37.What separate Asian and African continents_________________________

38.If it is 11:00 am at Tanzania 45oE what will be the time in Kinshasa 15oE ______________

39.Which crop is grown at mountaneous areas __________, ___________ and _________