Eye disease is in today's most disturbing diseases. It worries the elders and teenagers. This problem has also been difficult for students. Many people today have been using glasses to enable them to see. There are those who have trouble seeing, but there are those who have trouble seeing nearby things. Some people their eyes are discharging tears and burns. The red eyes also are among of the eye problems.

Eye health experts are still struggling to find real sources of these problems. In fact, they have been successful in some extent and treatment is provided to those with these problems. Although there are still some eye problems are still under investigation.

Among the sources of these problems include foods, viruses, bacteria and fungi. Also, the climate change and environment we live have been the sources of eye problems. However, the use of electronic devices has been the cause of eye problems in considerable extent. Some human activities that we do for survival have also been in the sources of eye problems.

Our daily nutritional have also been a factor. Health professionals tell us that the night blindness is caused by deficiency of vitamin A which found in vegetable, milk, liver, carrots and others The person with these disorders of failure to see at night is advised to eat too much vegetable vegetables, and liver to get vitamin A.

The use of electronic devices has been a problem for people's eyes. The radiation of these materials is not good for health. For eye health, it is not strange to be told that the light of the phone is a problem today. The fact is that the phone user is spending a lot of time watching his/her phone's or computer screen. This trend if continues for a long time may lead to the eye problems.

It is best to minimize the light of the phone, especially during the night. It is also advisable to pay attention when you watch your phone's screen or computer for a long time. Try using glasses to reduce the light of your device's. use night mode on your device and keep distance between your device and your eyes.