listen and write the words/simple sentences read by the invigilator in the spaces provided.

  1. __________________________
  2. __________________________
  3. __________________________
  4. __________________________
  5. __________________________



Choose the most correct answer and tick its letter in the space provided.

  1. A person whose job is to cook food is called ___________  a. cooker  b. feeding  c. cook  d. maid.
  2. A place where we go to pray is called _______ a. mosque  b. market  c. house  d. hospital.
  3. A person who sells in a shop is called _________ a. shop  b. shopping  c. shopkeeper  d. herbalist.
  4. A place where we go to buy fruits and vegetable is called _______ a. butcher    b. shop  c. market  d. church
  5. My sister receives guests in a hotel, so she is _________ a. typist  b. herbalist  c. receptionist  d. nurse.



Fill in the blanks by choosing the correct word in the box.



  1. Add prefix in a word happy _____________
  2. Underlined letters in a word teacherare called _______

The time is ________________________

  1. I _________ banana than orange.
  2. How ______ eggs are there in a tray?



Use the correct tense of the word in the brackets and fill in the blank spaces.

  1. Anna _________ watchingcartoons on television. (is, were, are, am)
  2. I ______ come to see your mother tomorrow.(is. W Shall, will)
  3. Ali and Khalid are vegetable now. (buy, buying, bought, buys)
  4. My father ________ to drink milk daily. (liking, likes, liked, like)
  5. It is ______ at this moment. (rain, raining, rains, rained)



Read the following passage and then answer questions 21- 25.

We were all excited because it was the first time for us to go to the zoo for our class tour. The standard four pupils quickly boarded the buses and off we left. Our class teacher Mr. Ally was with us. On our way to the zoo, the teacher told us to be good pupils and not to disturb the animals with our noise. We were happy to see the monkeys, zebras, impalas, and giraffes. We had a very nice time there.


21, Why were the pupils excited? Pupils were excited because it was their first time to go to the _________________

  1. Which class went for a picnic? The standard_____________pupils went for a picnic
  2. Who was Mr. Ally? Mr. Ally was the standard four______________
  3. What were the pupils told as they travelled? The pupils were told not to make____________
  4. Which animals did the pupils see at the zoo? The pupils saw the______________________