listen and write the words/simple sentences read by the invigilator in the spaces provided.

  1. ____________________________
  2. ____________________________
  3. ____________________________
  4. ____________________________
  5. ____________________________



Choose the most correct answer and tick its letter in the space provided.

  1. My mother’s brother is my __________________ a. aunt  b. cousin  c. uncle  d. nephew
  2. He teaches at the school, so he is a ______________ a. shopkeeper  b. teacher  c. student  c. gardener
  3. We cut bread ____________ a knife  a. with  b. by  c. to  d. on
  4. This ruler belongs to you. It is __________________  a. mine  b. me  c. you  d. yours
  5. If today is Wednesday, yesterday was _______________ a. Monday  b. Tuesday  c. Wednesday  d. Thursday



Use the correct tense of the word from the box and fill in the blank spaces.




  1. Asha ____________ to the market every day
  2. The pupils _______________ their classroom yesterday.
  3. Always I ______________ my sport uniform on Friday.
  4. Jose is _________________ some tea in the kitchen now.
  5. The child _______________ last night.


Fill the blank spaces using the correct tense of the word in brackets.


  1. Yesterday Amina  ____________ ugali (cook)
  2. Mary is ______ now (sleep)
  3. The test we are writing ________ easy (be)
  4. Our teacher always _________nicely (sing)
  5. The lady is _____ a blanket (carry)


Read the following passage carefully and then answer questions 21-25


Lulu was a poor girl who started working for mama Chausiku when she was ten years old. She used to wake up early to clean the house, cook food and wash clothes. She was paid very little. She took the money she got to her brothers Moi and oyi.


One day, mama Chausiku took Lulu to school to learn. Lulu was very happy because she always thought of going to school. She passed her Standard four national Assessment. Lulu is now in standard seven.


  1. when did lulu started to work at mama Chausiku’s home?

When she was _______________________ old.


  1. Who did lulu give her money?

Lulu gave the money to __________________________________


  1. what were the names of lulu’s brothers?

the names of Lulu’s brothers were _____________ and ______________


  1. where did mama chausiku take lulu ?

Mama Chausiku took Lulu to _____________________________________

  1. in which standard is lulu now?

Lulu is in standard _________________________________ now.