Microscope this is an instrument used for viewing objects which are too small to be seen by our naked eyes.
There are two types of Microscope such as:-
Light microscope; this is the type of microscope in which it uses light to illuminate the specimens.

Picture of light Microscope

Electron microscope; this is the type of microscope in which it uses electrons to illuminate the specimens and can reveal much more structure than light microscope.

The following are the parts of light microscope with their functions:-
i.Eye piece; it able to magnify objects under observation since it consists of magnifying lenses.
ii.Body tube; it able to hold eye piece lens and revolving nose piece.
iii.Arm/limb; it able to supports the body tube and stage, also it used to hold the microscope.
iv.Revolving nose piece; it able to holds objective lenses in place.
v.Objective lenses; it able to brings image into focus and magnifies it.
vi.Coarse adjustment knob; it able to lower and raises the body tube so that a clear image is obtained.
vii.Fine adjustment knob; it able to raises and lowers the body tube to obtain a fine focus.

viii.Hinge screw; it able to raises and lowers the stage.
ix.Stage; it is a place for the specimen to be observed.
x.Clips; it able to hold the slide or specimen in position.
xi.Mirror; it able to reflects and directs light to the object under observation.
xii.Diaphragm; it able to regulate the amount of light passing through the condenser to illuminate the specimen.
xiii.Condenser; it able to concentrates light reflected by the mirror.
xiv.Base/stand; it able to supports the microscope steadily.

Magnification this is the process of make something/objects to appear larger than it is, especially with a lens or microscope.

Magnification power is symbolized by a number and abbreviation X. for example, a 10X magnifying glass magnifies an object by 10 times. An object is magnified by multiplying the eyepiece lens magnification and objective lens magnification.

For example:
Magnification = eye piece lens x objective lens magnification
Magnification= 10 x 20 = X200

How to Use a Light Microscope
The following are the steps to be followed so as to use a Light Microscope:-
i.Turn on your microscope.
ii.Turn the nose piece so that the small (low power) objective lens clicks into place. Always start with low power lens in place.

iii.Place the prepared slide on the center of the stage under the clips so that the object is in the center of the opening. Make sure the cover slip is on top.

iv.With your eye at stage level, use the coarse adjustment knob to bring the object and the low power objective lens as near to each other as possible. The objective lens should not touch the cover slip.

v.Now with your eye to the eye piece, slowly move the coarse adjustment knob to increase the distance between the object and the lens. Continue this until the image is focused.

vi.Adjust the diaphragm so that the object can be seen as clearly as possible.

vii.To observe the object under medium and high powers, rotate the revolving nose piece to bring the next highest objective lens into position. Make sure you hear the “click” to ensure that the objective lens is in place. Then focus using the fine adjustment knob only.