These occur as a result of the action of enzymes and acid on the epithelial membrane lining of the stomach and duodenum walls. The mucus coating can be broken by bacteria called Helicobacter pylori Cause

Ulcers can be caused by stress which stimulates acid production Ulcers can also be inherited. Certain medication like aspirin Smoking and taking alcohol Caffeine

             Sign and symptoms of ulcers
1. Burning pain in stomach or the middle of thorax
2. Nausea and vomiting
3. Tiredness and weakness
4. Blood in vomiting or stool (a symptom of bleeding ulcer)

 Ulcers can be controlled as follows
1) Have stress reduction programs
2) Eliminate smoking and drinking alcohol
3) Changing diet and taking meals on time –

The ulcers can be corrected or reduced by the following treatment
1. Drinking milk
 2. Taking magnesium trisilicate tablet 
3. Surgery which includes     
- Cutting the vestigial part    
- Gastrectomy removal of the duodenum and the stomach.