A good diet is essential for your health. A good intake of food can lead you out of the effects and risks of certain diseases. A good intake of food will be able to give your body a chance to fight against illness and other attacks. However, a bad deity can cause risks in your body, such as diabetes and cancer.

A perfect (balanced deity) meal is considered when a person eats a meal that contains the essential nutrients needed in the body in specific proportion. These nutrients are water, proteins, fat, and lipid as well as minerals. These nutrients perform various functions within the body including body protection, bodybuilding, and body repair as well as body cueing.

             Protein foods
These are foods that build body and body repairing. The recovery of wounds, injuries and scars are all thanks to the function of the protein. Growing of new hair, nail and tissues in injuries are done thanks to protein foods.You can get protein from milk, meat, eggs, and fish. In plants, you can also get proteins by eating beans, rice, and some other cereals. Also, the intake of vegetable fresh vegetables can help to obtain protein.

             Fat and lipids 
These foods are important components of the cell membrane. These foods give you some warm temperatures during the winter. And it is advisable in the winter to eat fatty foods in abundance to keep the body warm. Fat foods also are the alternative source of energy.

Fat foods are milk, animal fat, eggs, and meat. Also in fat fruit is also abundant in egg, in avocado, olive, nuts, almonds, and vegetable oil i.e. vegetable oil. Fish is a good source of fat.

            Vitamins and minerals
The body needs these foods to enable the use of other foods to be good. We need vitamins to protect the body from attacks. Vitamin c is known for preventing scurvy disease. Vitamin A helps to improve eye health. Vitamin K helps to stop bleeding when you get injured.

The body also needs mineral nutrients to protect yourself from other risks. iron minerals are important in creating red blood cells. Calcium medications are essential to bone health and teeth.

Minerals and vitamins are more common in green vegetables, and fruits. Fruit-like lemon juice, orange contains a lot of vitamin C and papaya also known to have a lot of vitamin C. Spinach is important for vitamin A. Fish helps to give us a lot of minerals.

                       Carbohydrate  foods
Carbohydrate foods are the main source of energy in the body. These foods are found in the starch. The body uses starch foods as glucose. Which goes to other parts of the body for producing energy.

You can get carbohydrate by eating corn like beans, maize, cassava. Also, honey, sugarcane, and potatoes are good sources of starch.

Over 70% of the human body is water. We drink water so that we can live. The drinking of enough water is important to health. One needs to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water. One can live less than eight days without drinking water.

Water helps to regulate various body systems such as digestion system, blood system, and excretion system. Water helps in treating the side effects caused by a small amount of fluid.

This dietary fiber that is obtained from an indigestive part of plants;  they help in the movement of food and faeces through the gut by preventing contraction of the gut muscle.

We can get roughage in whole grown cereals, fruits, beans, cabbage, spinach, cassava and whole baked potatoes.