Cancer occurs when body's cells grow without being controlled in the body. These cells are called tumour cell or malignant cell or cancer cell.These tumour cells may become more serious and cause damage to body organs such as brain liver, stomach breast and bone brain.

Normally cells within the body are born and die after a specific period. For a person with cancer cells, these cells do not die so they continue to grow without order. These cells can penetrate the blood system and be spread to other parts of the body and eventually transmit cancer to other body parts.

In the causes of cancer's occurring, it is including 35% diet, smoking 30%, 10% sunlight, 7% virus, 4% occupation, 3% alcohol, 1% radiation, and 10% other causes. So here you see that foods and smoking are at the forefront of cancer causes.

In 2000 WHO has reported that cancer is a leading cause of the death of many people in the world. In 2004, 7.4 million people have died of cancer that is about 13% of all deaths in the world in that year. liver cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer have led to deaths in the world. Death caused by cancer is expected to increase daily and expected to reach 12 million by 2030. (WHO 2009).

Symptoms of cancer can be varied according to the type of cancer that one has. Other types of cancer do not display any symptoms until they are well-formed in the body. Although the situation exists as such, health professionals have shown some of the symptoms that are common to most people with cancer that are: -

Here there is an unknown source of a headache. This pain is not of any visible illness, even if a patient is tested may not have anything else. This pain is continuous for a long time

This is a fatigue that does not come to end. Even someone should have time to relax but this tiredness will not leave. Although people with diabetes also get so tired cancer has unique fatigue. It is good to see the doctor to tell you the source of fatigue that you have.

3. Changes in the bowel (bowel movement);
These changes include difficult to swallow food or constipation. These symptoms may be similar to other diseases, so when you see these changes it's better for you to see a doctor.

4. Failure to breathe properly;
lung cancer can show this symptom of a failure to breathe properly. This occurs when there is a cancer cell in the respiratory system. It may be on the lungs or throat.

This is a cough that to know its causes is very difficult. These coughs cannot be cured by any medication and are continuous. Cancer in the respiratory system like lungs can show this symptom

6. Changes in the skin;
Here the skin begins to change its colour. Also,  White spots on the skin, the mouth, and the tongue. Also, someone may have sores that they do not heal

7. Bleeding;
Blood can be discharged from various areas such as in private party (testicles and during urination for men and women and discharging of blood from breast and during a cough. Blood discharge from the breast is a symptom of breast cancer.

8.growth of lumps and tissue masses;
These lumps begin to grow as breast cancer.s symptom.

9. Loss consciousness or seizure;
For brain cancer, it can cause one to lose consciousness. It also happens that someone begins to get the type of seizure. This cancer occurs when a brain tumour grows in the brain or nervous system.

People should live with great care against cancer because cancer treatments are very expensive and few are offered free of charge. Not surprisingly, hospitals with cancer treatment are also few.