listen and write the words/simple sentences read by the invigilator in the spaces provided.

  1. _________________________
  2. _________________________
  3. _________________________
  4. _________________________
  5. _________________________



Choose the most correct answer and write its letter in the space provided.

  1. A meat of hen is called ________  a. mutton  b. chicken  c . beef  d. pork
  2. A young cat is called __________  a. piglet  b. duckling  c. kitten d. hatchling
  3. A person who cuts hair is called   a. hair cutter  b. barber  c. baba d. cook
  4. Give me a slices of ___________ bread   a. keys  b. cake  c. grapes  d. bottle
  5. A daughter of your sister is called _________ a. nephew  b. niece  c. cousin  
  6. granddaughter.



Use the correct tense of the word in the brackets and fill in the blank spaces.

  1. My  father __ironing his clothes  a. is  b. are  c were  d has.
  2. King lion was ____ a crown  a. wearing  b. wear  c. weared  d. wears
  3. Jane ______ maize yesterday. a. cooked  b. cook  c. cooks  d. cooking
  4. Halima _____ play football next week.  a. is  b. shall  c. will  d was
  5. My mom ______ a good song every night  a. sing  b. sings  c. sung  d. singing.

SECTION D: GRAMMAR Fill the blanks:


  1. The time is __________________


  1. They ran away __________ (quick/quickly).
  2. An elephant is _________ than lion (big/bigger)
  3. How ______ people are there at this moment? (much/many)
  4. The book is ________ the table (on/in)



Read the following passage and then answer questions 21- 25.



21. What type of letter is this? _______ a. friendly letter,  b. official letter

c. invitation letter  d. card letter

22. Who wrote this letter? _____ a. Adam  b. mother,  c. friends d. family

23On what date did this letter written _____ a. 10/3/2019  b. 10 March, 2018

c. 11 March, 2018  d. 10 March, 2017

24. Where this is going to _______ a. mother  b. Adam  c. Nakawa   d. Village.

25. Where does Adam live? ______ a. Nakawa village  b. Tunduru village

ruvuma village  d. family village.