The earth is the third planet from the sun. About 71% of the earth is covered by water.

Like other planets, the earth is a flattened sphere. This can be shown by the variation of diameter between the equator line and longitude lines. The diameter of the earth along the equator line is 12,757km while along the longitude line is 12713km.

The earth is made up of the Atmosphere (air), Hydrosphere (water bodies), the crust (solid and molten materials) and biosphere (living things). In the following chapters, we are going to look more about this.
The shape of the earth is a flattened sphere. There are several pieces of evidence to support this claim. Here are a few of them:-

Lunar Eclipse: This is shown by looking at the shadow of the earth on the surface of the moon. The shadow of the earth appears as round. This proves that the earth is round as its shadow

Circumnavigation: this done by Magellan in 1519 - 1522 as the first traveller around the world. As he travelled around the world final he came back from where he started his journey. This proves that the earth is round.

Sunrise and sunset: As the Sunrise some part of the earth experiences the darkness of night. As time goes on the sun occupies other places and leave dark in other places. When the sunset other places experience the light of the sun. But if the Earth would be flat all parts of the earth would experience sunset and sunrise at once.

Ship’s visibility: as you see the ship when is coming from far, the only things to be seen are pipes and top objects. As it comes near other features are seen. This is because the earth has a curve that prohibits a ship to be seen at once.

Aerial photograph: as seen in the image below, this is the image of the earth taken from the Moon. The image itself confirms that the earth is not flat.