Choose the words that complete the sentences by shading the letters of the correct answer in the answer sheet provided.


1.I usually _____________ my friends on Sunday.

A visitsB visitedC visitD

2.The building over there _____________ of concrete.

A were made B are madeC has madeD

3.She _____________ the money when the thief robbed her.

A countsB is counting

D countingE counted

4.He ___________ for two days last week.

A travelsB travelledC travellingD

5.The leaders _____________ to London tomorrow.

A will flyB flewC fliesD

6.Joseph was reading while his uncle _____________ TV.

A is watchingB were watching

D was watchingE are watching

7.We _____________ visiting you next month.

A shall beenB were beenC have beenD

8.Malima _____________ to Tanga tomorrow evening.

A will go B have goneC was going D visitingE visitor

9.My sister-in-law _____________ cleaning her house all morning.

A have beenB has beingC has beenD have beenEwas been

10.The prisoners have been _____________ from jail.

A realizeB releasingC releasesD releasedErealized

11.We always go to school _____________ foot.

A by B on C in D with Efor

12.Doctor Musa has told you about your problem, _____________

A hasn’t he.B has he?C hasn’t he? D has he. E haven’t he?

13.The shopkeeper sold _____________ dozen of eggs.

A any B some C aD anEmuch

14.The house belongs to my friends, therefore the house is _____________.

A ours B hers C yours D hisEtheirs

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15.Hassan is suffering _____________ malaria.

A atB fromC ofD inE on

16.“Juma is not listening in class,” he said. In reported speech the sentence will be: He said that,

A you were not listening in class
B Juma is not listening in class
C you are not listening in class
D Juma was not listening in class
E they were not listening in class.

17.They were both quick, but he was the _____________ of all.

A quickestB quickerC most quick D quicklyE quicken

18.They are going to have an accident because the driver is driving _____________.

A carefullyB carelessC carelesslyD carefulness E carelessness

19.The house _____________ is white in color is ours..

A whichB whoseC whoD whomE what

20.Which of the following questions is the most appropriate one for this answer, “She is the


A What is she?B Whom is she?C Where is she?

D Who is she?E Whose is she?

21.Catherine is sitting on my left and mariam is sitting on my right. I am sitting _____________

Catherine and Mariam.

A besideB betweenC nextD behindE in front

22.He hurried home _____________ he could meet his friend.

A in order toB becauseC so thatD so as toE for that

23.Schola is a beautiful girl. The word “Schola” has been used as _____________.

A an adjective B a pronounC an adverbD a preposition E a noun

24.A man was walking _____________ his friend last Thursday.

A besideB besidesC beforeD beneathE in front

25.John _____________ the teachers were in the office.

A withB togetherC alsoD andE both

26.The river flows _____________ the two mountains.

A alongB amongC betweenD inE by

27.These children are _____________ eating nor drinking.

A neitherB soC eitherD bothE never

28.Freddy put _____________ pepper in his food..

A manyB a littleC a fewD anysE small

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29.Mary is going to the stadium _____________ her hand.

A byB andC withD orE at

30.I am not talking to you, _____________

A do I.B am I.C was I? D do I?E am I?


For each of the following questions, choose the correct answer and shade its letter in the answer sheet provided.

31.The father to your father is called __________.

A father of fatherB big father

D grandfatherE father’s father

32.My mother sold a __________ of banana.

A bunchB bunchesC heap

C grand fatherly

D branchE group

33.The noise in the club house was too loud to hear the police __________ outside.

A bells B horns C alarm D bangE sirens

34.A word “twice” means __________.

A too times B twoC two times D three times E second

35.The evening meal is called __________.

A foodB lunchC breakfastD dinnerE dish

36.When people are sick, they should see the __________ for treatment.

A teacher B actor C doctor D guardian E preacher


This section has four mixed sentences. Arrange the sentences so as to make a good composition by

giving them letters A-D. Shade the letterof the correct answer in your answer sheet.

37.I quickly have breakfast.

38.I wake up early in the morning at 06:00am.

39.I run to school ready for class.

40.I then brush my teeth and wash my face.

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Read the following passage carefully and then answer the questions that follow by shading the letter of the correct answer in your answer sheet.

Some time ago, there was a man and his wife called Mr and Mrs Mkombozi who lived an ordinary life
at Kunoga village. They had three children, Juma, Musa and Jamila. Juma worked very hard at school and managed to go to secondary school. He was finally employed as a teacher at a neighbouring primary school.

One day Juma talked to his father on the phone and told him that he would send them a Tsh. 100,000 for their up keep. When Mr Mkombozi heard that, he was excited about the money and started planning how to spend it. He decided to share this with his family. He told them of his plans to build a poultry house for keeping layers (chickens which lay egg).

His son Musa said that he would be the one to collect the eggs while Jamila would do the cleaning. Jamila was annoyed and said she would be the one to collect the eggs and Musa would do the cleaning. This quarrel went on until they started fighting.

When their mother saw them fighting she went over to stop them. She was surprised to hear that they were fighting over the collection of eggs while the chicken had not yet been bought. Even the money for buying the chickens was not yet sent by their brother Juma.

41.Where was mr. Mkombozi’s family residing?

A NamangaB MazigoC KaoneD Songambele E Kunoga.

42.What made Juma go to secondary school?

A His hardworking spirit B His primary education

C His teachers’ help D His parents’ force

E His sister’s advice.

43.How many sons did Mr Mkombozi have?

A OneB TwoC FourD ThreeE Five.

44.What did Juma tell his father?

A He would buy him 100,000 chickens B He would give him chickens

C He would buy him a phoneD He would send him Tsh. 100,000

E He would send them eggs.

45.Who stopped the fighting?

A A friend B A teacher C The mother

D The fatherE Juma.

46.What did Mr Mkombozi decide to do with the money?

A To buy layers B To collect eggs C To clean the house

D To buy eggs E To pay the workers.

47.The word “quarrel” means, __________.

A to agree with each other B to fight with each other

C to accept each other D to disagree with each other

E to respect each other

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48.Why was Mr Mkombozi excited?

A His daughter promised to give him some money B His mother promised to give him some money C His son promised to give him some money
D His son sent him some money

E He was collecting eggs.

49.Who wanted to collect the eggs?

A Mr MkomboziB Mrs Mkombozi

C Musa and JumaD Jamila and Juma

E Musa and Jamila.

50.Why were Juma and Jamila fighting?

A For the chickens

B F or the money

C For the poultry house
D For the eggs

E For the cleanliness.

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