Form One Chemistry

By Mr. Rajabu Athuman


Before we look into the room of chemistry let as review the idea that Chemistry is one of the branch of science. Hence let us look on what is science and how it is connected to the chemistry.

As it is defined by dictionary a term science means 'the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment'. (OUP).

Now we know that in order to study science we need to conduct observation and experiment by using systematic procedures. Chemistry is one of these subjects that use these procedures and confirming its fact through experiments and observation.

Now we know that science divided the world into physical world and natural world. In chemistry we deal with physical world at large as physics does. In other hand natural world can be lent in biology at large. however, these three subjects are related to each other.

Branches of science
Now we know that science divided into three branches such as
a) Biology
b) Physics
c) Chemistry

What is chemistry?
We have already know that chemistry is one of the branches of science which look physical world at large. chemistry deals with composition of matter. how different matter are joined to form a new thing. chemistry also deals with decomposition of matter, how matter can be decomposed to form a new one. hence a word chemistry can be defined as;- a branch of science which deals with composition and decomposition of matter. Matter is any thing which occupies space and has weight or mass. A person who studying chemistry is called chemist.

The history of chemistry has long life since many centuries ago. During that time there were people who interested in chemistry with their own purposes. these people we call them alchemists. Their purposes were to turn metal such as iron and lead into gold, to discover cure of diseases and find a way to make people live long life.

These people did not use systematic procedures as today. their results were always based on trial and error. they discovered various strange things haphazardly. for example they discovered sulfuric acid by accident.

Chemistry as other branches of science deals with question such as why and how. These two questions are very important in turning useless things to worth full things. For example crude oil to petrol and plastics.

Why do we study chemistry?
The study of Chemistry has direct relation with other two part of science. the study of chemistry can help in different carriers and different subjects. Chemistry and physics are closely related to each other in carriers and in studying because their is similarity in content. for example;-

Both is physics and chemistry we are studying three state of matter. the properties of matter such as density are important in both physics and chemistry. some theories are important in both subjects, for example kinetic theory is used to explain the concept of diffusion in both physics and chemistry

Both in physics and chemistry we are studying the atomic structure.all parts of atom are important in both subjects. you will need to understand proton, neutron and electron in both physics and chemistry.

The concept of energy is important in both chemistry and physics. yo will need to understand all forms of energy and their effects in both physics and chemistry.

Chemistry in real life
We are using chemistry in our daily life, for example when we use soap, tooth paste, salt an many other chemicals. There fore Chemistry is important in our daily life because we need medicine for our selves, our animals and for agriculture activities, all these are made through chemistry and its related subjects. It is difficult to live nowadays without chemistry, as their are wide varieties of carriers which need chemistry. These include:

A)Engineering; engineers need chemistry to do their jobs well.

B)Medicine and nursing, to make medicine yo need to have knowledge of chemical used to make a certain medicine, and to do this yo need to have a knowledge of chemistry.

C)Geology, geologist need chemistry to understand different elements and mineral with their characteristics.

D)Agriculture, we need chemistry for example in making fertilizers and medicines to kill bacteria and virus I agriculture industry.

The importance of studying chemistry is not limited only on looking on carriers opportunities but also in developing world. We need chemistry to establish different industries like chemical industries which are turning natural resources into useful substances.

1. Define the following terms;

2.list down three branches of science;
B) ………………………
C) ……………………….

3.Mention five application of chemistry in daily life
i. ………………..
ii. ……………..

4.choose correct answer in the following questions;-
1.Chemistry deals with……… of matter

2.Matter is any thing with occupies ……….. and has mass.

3.People who interested in Chemistry in many centuries ago are called ……………

4.the following product are examples of application of chemistry;-
A)Soap, fertilizer, salt and cocacolla
B)Chalk, salt, meet and stick.
C)Stick, salt, and wood.

5.Chemical factories are used to turn …………. in to use full things.
A)Natural sources
B)Natural fuels
C)Natural resources.

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