Geography inour real life

Geography in our real life.
In our day to day real life we use geography in many occasions. We use geography in agricultural activities. Crop rotation, irrigation, soil erosion control, the use of manure and fertilizers and other ways of farming. When choosing good area for agriculture or for a certain crops according to climate and soil, we use geography to do that.

When we want to know about climate and weather of an area we need to use a knowledge of geography. In interpreting geographical phenomena and their distribution we use geography. In weather forecasting and warning about coming of natural hazard like flood we use geography.

Even when we build our house we use geography, we need a knowledge of geography to determine good spot for building a house. In planing cities also a knowledge of geography plays great roles.

Wen we want to know the distribution of landforms and natural features we use knowledge of geography. In geography we study the reasons for the formation of different landforms in a certain area. Why the mount Kilimanjaro is located there and not in other places. The answer of this question need a knowledge of geography.