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What is chemistry?

What is chemistry?

We have already know that chemistry is one of the branches of science which look physical world at large. Chemistry deals with composition of matter. How different matter are joined to form a new thing. Chemistry also deals with decomposition of matter, how matter can be decomposed to form a new one. hence a word chemistry can be defined as;- a branch of science which deals with composition and decomposition of matter. Matter is any thing which occupies space and has weight or mass. A person who studying chemistry is called chemist.

The history of chemistry has long life since many centuries ago. During that time there were people who interested in chemistry with their own purposes. these people we call them alchemists. Their purposes were to turn metal such as iron and lead into gold, to discover cure of diseases and find a way to make people live long life.

These people did not use systematic procedures as today. their results were always based on trial and error. they discovered various strange things haphazardly. for example they discovered sulfuric acid by accident.

Chemistry as other branches of science deals with question such as why and how. These two questions are very important in turning useless things to worth full things. For example crude oil to petrol and plastics.