1. Exam printing and distribution
Pep is focused on ensuring that examinations are in line with the requirements of the new Education system according to the new curriculum. The transcripts of our exams are interesting and interesting. Since he is a friend to a student. We also provide copies of exams depending on the economic situation of the area. To get our exams contact.

Along with the provision of examinations we also take additional tuition program for primary and secondary education. Pep collaborates with a variety of teachers with a variety of disciplines. Contact us for more information.

This is for parents, guardians, students and teachers. We work together and consult to find out what's best for the student. Also, people who want advice on receipts and other educational matters, we welcome you very much.

4.We sell books
Contact us if you want books on order, or you would like some advice on books to use. Pep will give you advice as soon as you contact us.