What is Pep?

PEP is an abbreviation of "Pangani Education Panel". It is a center that specializes in the provision of educational services and professional assistance in all educational matters. The center is focused on ensuring that educational motivation is spread in rural areas. PEP does its work in the Pangani district, and surrounding areas.

What are we doing?
We provide printing and writing services for the preparation and completion of primary and secondary education for the fourth, seventh, seventh and fourth grade classes. This examination is conducted in accordance with the curriculum as well as the educational guidelines issued by the Tanzania Institute of Education.

Our activities in general
Unlike the above I mentioned but our activities are: -
1. Printing, composition and delivery of examinations
2. Centers for tuition
3. Professional advice on education
4. We also sell books

Our mission
“Raise and improve educational performance and rise awareness about all educational matters in Pangani district and surrounding areas”

our vision
“our great vission is to ensure that pupilas and students get better education tha may reduces unemployment rate to our community”

Our Motto
“Education is the key to success”


Phone: 0620555380

Email: [email protected]